2017/08 - Meditation - Drinker : story to imagine

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It is a deeply theological meaning of the human faith on the divine presence and its mercy.

It is a story about a man who drinks a lot. He had always been a drinker. But he was unhappy about it. On the other hand he couldn't stop it. Meanwhile as he was going on in the way towards his own demolition, one day he seemed to have discovered a part of the solution. He invited Jesus to drink with him. He was so alone and desperate. And they drunk together. Jesus took his own chalice of divine salvation. And the drinker his own one. The chalice of each was plenty. Both were plenty of sorrow and sadness. Both were plenty of love as each could express it. But only in Jesus' chalice was all this was mixed with hope. The drinker had understood it when he thought that it could be good to drink with Jesus. For this reason Jesus allowed the drinker to be his companion: the perfect love way surely leading to Heaven.