2019/11/05 - Meditation - The ideas are bulletproof

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The ideas are bulletproof. I saw this sentence tagged in the wall of the Gleanly passage leading from Bowen road by  Peder Street to the Central. This Saturday's afternoon I was going to the rosary hill chapel. On the way I crossed hundred of students going to protest again and again. One of them holded the US flag.

The ideas are bulletproof, this sentence  in the wall for sure was written by some of them. Then I remembered the other slogan, catchphrase, from my childhood learnt at school: Ideas of Lenin are eternally living.

Seeing the hongkongese tagline I wondered about the real power of ideas. Lenin himself wrote that if real life is not conformed with your ideas, you have to follow them and so let the facts aside (tant pis pour les faits). Noneless, only those, who go out from the real life seeking for a new style in their life, can really achieve such great aim.

The factor of believing is determining for the choice of acts despite of the final result which is a combination of the will and at least of the physical power to put in it. All human desire are undermined to such implacable law.


2019/10/23 - Meditation - You are

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Hearing jazz

You are dancing with me into the eyes of my imagination, as into those of so many pretending to be yours because they dare see you to be their.

You will never be mine, you will never be theirs, before you dare to find the path of your own love for somebody you choose.

Since for a while you exist you should have to do it. Since for a while they exist in your presence, they would have to disappear for their own imagination.

I'm listening to jazz music narrating the story of love between two, between all, between nobody. I'm full of the sounds making my mind clean, the words are the words and their story is everytime the same story, story of love belonging to beloved one. Amen


2019/12/04 - Saint Barbe

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Blessing of the statue of Saint Barbe and  prayer upon the team digging the new tunnel in Hong Kong.

Saint Barbe saint martyr of the 3th century, middle East. She was killed by her father who jailed her into a tower because she had refused  to be married  to the man her father had chosen. During her  emprisonnement, she converted and received baptism which was given to her by a priest disguised as a doctor. The she dug in the wall of her cell a third window in the shape of the Cross. Then her father took her to the police accusing her of having become christian, what was obviously, at that time in the Roman Empire, forbidden. She was sentenced and put to death.