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2018/03/29 - Homily - Holy Thursday

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Today’s feast is the spatial one. The Memorial of the Last Supper. The Institution of the Eucharist as a gift of the presence of the loving God through Christ into the life of the disciples. It is also the feast of the institution of the priesthood as service of the community throughout the Eucharist. 

It is easy to imagine the scene. Jesus with his disciples sharing a meal, and sharing his live. Both.  As it happened so many times before. But there, it is the last time before Jesus` Passion and Cross. 

Meal sharing is a way for sharing life. When we bring people to our table it is an invitation to share our lives. Meal sharing is persons sharing. In this sense, I am “invitable” willing to share a supper just after the Saturdays’ mass celebrated in this chapel. 

This night, we are together. We are sharing the Holy Thursday mass. You, the Dominicans` community welcoming us, the French speaking community. Thus we are in communion because of Jesus who put us together. During the Chrism mass presided by our bishop Michael Yeung in the cathedral this midday, a great many priests, religious and deacons came to renew the promises of Holy Orders together.  

This night, right now, we are celebrating the last supper of our Lord. He is present among us. He identifies himself with the food and drink that are being shared during the meal, the last Supper.   

In the Eucharistic meal we have the bread and wine that Jesus, through the hands of the community, takes as the food and drink that carries his risen self to us. 

The identification of Jesus during the Last Supper and each celebrated mass with the food and drink is total. At that time the disciples couldn`t understand well.  They had to see their Master on the Cross, and rise again to discover what was going on. We are as the disciples at the present time. We have to look at the Cross first, before being able to apprehend total identification between the bread and body given up, between wine and blood poured out.

The body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ are truly present in. 

We are invited to become the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

And coming to the altar to receive Holy Communion, when we answer Amen, we express our will to be in fact on the way of the divine communion with him as well as between us and all humankind. 

Jesus said, unless you eat my body and drink my blood you cannot be part with me. Do we want to be part of Him?

Jesus offers himself to be the sacred food for the journey of our life as we are following him as his disciples. 

So the Eucharist is pushing us to be servants. In the Gospel of John instead of the Eucharistic institution, we find the washing of feet. And today is the best time to remember that the priesthood is marked by such service. Amen. 


2017/09 - Meditation - Latin Mass : true story

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One day, after mass a woman asked me about the Latin mass. I said: I say a mass in Latin each week sometimes many times a week. But it is my daily mass in the chapel and I am alone. And a mass must follow the ordinary catholic rite. She was so suffering for so little place left for the Latin mass, so few consideration for such important thing into the Christian catholic  faith. Why so few places is given to a mass in Latin which has been the common language of the Catholic Church. She seemed to suffer from that much more than for the love of Christ so often rejected by so many. How is it possible to help her. The Holy Spirit for sure is trying to say something true to her. What can be done to help her to hear it? And how can I understand it myself?


2017/08 - Meditation - Drinker : story to imagine

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It is a deeply theological meaning of the human faith on the divine presence and its mercy.

It is a story about a man who drinks a lot. He had always been a drinker. But he was unhappy about it. On the other hand he couldn't stop it. Meanwhile as he was going on in the way towards his own demolition, one day he seemed to have discovered a part of the solution. He invited Jesus to drink with him. He was so alone and desperate. And they drunk together. Jesus took his own chalice of divine salvation. And the drinker his own one. The chalice of each was plenty. Both were plenty of sorrow and sadness. Both were plenty of love as each could express it. But only in Jesus' chalice was all this was mixed with hope. The drinker had understood it when he thought that it could be good to drink with Jesus. For this reason Jesus allowed the drinker to be his companion: the perfect love way surely leading to Heaven.