2019/11/22 - Pre pilgrimage meeting - Forgiveness

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I. Forgiveness what is it?

1. Forgiveness is ??? Ask the assistance about it.

Gift of forgiveness. Gift of the baptism. Gift of Love. When  we love we want that it last forever. What is the love? It is the perfect communication between two or many persons. God is love. He is able to be in such availability. Forgiveness by God is the way to be reconnected with him and around us. 

In France  during the Lent time, we use to use the  scarf i order to show how the forgiveness is working. The priest ties the scarf around the neck of the catechumen to show how the sin is making trouble into our life. Our breathe is  not easely, free, happy… Then he release it, symbolically showing that the sin who is not forgiven is making us as breathless. We can forgot it,  we can think that it is normal to breathe so shadowly.  

The sin forgiven bears fruit of the Spirit of God. It brings peace and joy (Ga 5) It is much more than simply psychological release. But it is making our life renewed starting from the saoul and going to the ahloe body. Even our physical  breathe is deepest, easiest, more free making well to whole body. 

2. Why to accept the forgiveness?

because we want to live, live totaley, not only half part of our life, but whole life. Because we want to love really, totaley, not only to be on the  half way  going for without the possibility to reach such aim. 

3. Why to forgive others?

because they are our neighbour, and without them we can not be happy.  And God, sometimes we are angry with  him. So we have to forgive him?   

4. How to welcome Forgiveness? 

By humility. Say sorry is humiliating, and never easy to say. Chinese culture  forgiveness is kind of courtesy coming from the heart.

But only into the Christian faith is possible to show the humility.  Because God makes true our life and show it by Jesus on the Cross. 

5. Sign of forgiveness- Tears of conversion as sign of purification from the sins. Tears of the joy as sign of forgiveness donne and received.

II. Exemples

- The last meeting between children and the father or mother going to die….

- Forgiveness of what happens in Hong Kong- Grandfather in Cameron-2000 jubilee into the pallottine community-Christmas eve dinner into the family

III. Forgiveness making us sisters and brothers in Christ

Forgiveness makes us able (again) to be part of the community, the people of God, the Church, the body of Christ. The Christian family can help to improve our relationship in side of our own.