2019/12/04 - Saint Barbe

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Blessing of the statue of Saint Barbe and  prayer upon the team digging the new tunnel in Hong Kong.

Saint Barbe saint martyr of the 3th century, middle East. She was killed by her father who jailed her into a tower because she had refused  to be married  to the man her father had chosen. During her  emprisonnement, she converted and received baptism which was given to her by a priest disguised as a doctor. The she dug in the wall of her cell a third window in the shape of the Cross. Then her father took her to the police accusing her of having become christian, what was obviously, at that time in the Roman Empire, forbidden. She was sentenced and put to death. 

St Barbe is the patron of miners and tunnellers, patron of those who work with fire and thunder (because following the legend, her father died thunderstruck)  patron of those who are going to die and prisoners, patron of young girls. 

this statue of Saint Barbe. we can see here is  carved in granite and represents the young beautiful woman with the royal coiffe on her head,  holding in her left hand a sword and in her right hand the chalice symbol of her martyr pouring  blood related to the holy sacrifice of Jesus  commemorated in the mass. According to the christian faith we believe that the saints can help us to lead our earthly life. This statue doesn`t have any magical power, it represents the virtue of love and courage of Saint Barbre.  Putting this statue  at the entrance of the tunnel you have to dig, means we have to count not only  on our ability  to do a good job. We have to count on someone else who is above us. Into the christian faith we relate it to the Almighty God. Thus we can  count  on our ability to work together following the roles including the safety ones. We have to pay attention to each other. The following prayer is said for that. 

“Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor is vain” Ps 127. Lord you remind us that we can do many things but with your presence and your blessing we have an insurance that our undertaken job is going in the right direction. Blessed are you Lord for giving such ability and strength to those who  work here digging this tunnel.  Blessed are you Lord for this statue  representing Saint Barbe  brought here as a sign of our trust and our humility towards the great work we have  to achieve together. Lord our God, by the intercession of Saint Barbe, we pray, provide protection  to those who  work here. May they be given mutual trust  and respect of  each other. May they avoid  any casualty risk.  May they enjoy to work together in peace and mutual trust, to finish this  great task. Amen