2019/11/04-08 - Retreat

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Upon disciplines of Emmaus.

1 teaching

How to be open to the future.

Renewal of the spiritual life.

Ideological formation (just one teacher, guide,  the same language) is anty formation.

"Connected that I exist" cogito ergo sum.

what is most dangerous in spirituality is disappointment, the lost of enthusiasm.

Gratitude is the vertu of the wise and holy persons

To meditate : which  devotion is mine and what about gratitude.

2. How to be touched by the living God.

The grace of God is adapted to every particular situation. God always blesses with  generosity.

Disciples of Emmaus:  presence of God into our lives.

Easter time is the time of salvation.

Luc's gospel narrates the way of Jesus going up to Jerusalem marked by then banquets.

Emmaus is a place where we escape, symbolical place of our limite where we have fled from our salvation. Real believer is calm, fanatic behaviour is the sign of the lack of faith.

3. Ho logos sarx egeneto, Logos become flesh (Gaudium et Spes 22) mature believer accept the weakness and poverty of mediation. It's not excuse to accept all. If Verbum Caro factum est, Caro cardum salvationem est (Tertullian). We have to accept the weakness of the madiation, but not to promote it.

Flesh is sister of Christ (Tertullian)

Reflection: see the incarnated grace of the presence of God, even into sins, because the grace of God is greater than the sin.

4. Mass

the Homely started by the story of one  bishop inviting the people during a mass to learn others languages than conferences, teachings...

How good idea, said Fernando.

Somebody said to Fernando : “that’s the way the bishop starts his homely when he hasn’t prepared it”

Travail, espérance, obras, speranza

5. Kleophas' answer is tone of anger. The medium is the message (Mcluhan) the postmodern behaviour, because we don't have time to dig deeply the sense of the message.

The day is almost over, day of force, of enthusiasm.....

Stay with us Lord the day is getting down. We need  your healing grace.

Evenings are the right time to examine the quality of the love given? At evening will be exam to do about the love°.

Indifferentism: the drama of lack of the sense of life. Therese de Lisieux "patronne" of atheistic behavior  who said  from her own experience the only way to believe is to love.

"La seul façon de croire, c'est aimer".

Reflection. What evening are you planning/have you got in mind/ now?

Apply the sentence: Lord, stay with us.


7. Eucharistie

JpII mane nobiscum domine quoniam advesperascit.  Eucharist is a mystery of light (no11).

The confusion Time, truth is where? Devil is there, we need  light.

Division is the second consequence of a diabolic power.

Adoration, source of consolation.

Signs by which to discover the Lord into  silence as well.

Missionary dimension  : go in peace, a mass is ended. What has been sent?

- the mystery is sent to the heavens

- community is sent to bear peace to the people

- dicon represent the charity to prolong the eucharistic offerings  of salvation

- cosmic dimension (Thailand de Chardin)

Social dimension: discover of poverty, communitorial  sense of Eucharist

JpII 27: Eucharist is a project for all humanity


Marc :  believe produces the miracles believers produce miracles

Luc  : miracles produce believe. miracles produce believers

Lectio divina with the pictures and comments of Fernando.

Caravaggio :  the light went from the table.

9. Laïcisation is promoting unity of the church, religious and diocesan presets we have to work together.

Carmelites have Elijah as fondour. We have to listen to voice God throughout the other. Listen is attitude. The reality of life is complicated, like the day going down (grey, not clear…)

We have to be grateful.

Paul Ricœur parle de la seconde naïveté. La première est celle de l'enfant et ado: noir est noir et blanc est blanc, tout est clair.

Mais quand la grande crise arrive la tristesse s'installe ou alors on adopte une attitude cynique. Or, becoming fanatic, dogmatique rigide. Nous avons à retrouver la seconde naïveté. It coming when we know the human life and nevertheless we believe. It is worth the live like that. Become as children in the meaning of the second naivety.

Enthusiasm : (grec :  entheos) to be man of God. We have to preserve the space if our prayer. Prophetic attitude to have to balance with loving look to the people. Very difficult to balance it.  Accept the semina verbis (st Victor talk about the natural sacrament as sign of the presence of God) 

To be the men of reconciliation. We have to be prudent.