2013/05/21 - Homily - Trinity

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“I have much more to tell you, but now it would be too much for you to bear” Jn16

Today, we are exactly one week after the Pentecost Feast. Easter time has gone, time of  remembering Christ‘s life and death.  He who rose again three days later and the  time of his departure to heaven is all over. The time of the preparation of our renewal by receiving the Holy Spirit has come again. 

This Sunday we are celebrating the Feast of the Holy Trinity.

All through today’s Gospel, Jesus once again teaches us about God. Who is God?

The People of Israel had one idea about who he was.

God was the one who delivered them from slavery in Egypt and gave them the Ten Commandments to rule their lives.

I have much more to tell you...

But with Jesus what is absolutely new is that he presents God as a Holy Trinity. As we know, in the Old Testament,  numerous  traces had been laid to indicate how God revealed  himself in the form of the Spirit. For example, after the creation (Genesis) hovering  over the earth...  Now, Jesus, son of God reveals his divinity and promises to send his spirit, the spirit of God. Thus God is presented under three aspects. 

One in three, three in one… What does that really mean?

That means our God is love. St John speaks about it so many times and so often.  God’s love is a permanent gift, both inside and outside.  Inside as God, he is permanently exchanging  love : God the father with the Son  into Holy Spirit.     

I have much more to tell you...

Indeed, our faith is often so weak especially concerning the Holy Trinity.  What do you know about it and how do you imagine it? Like some strange sort of family? With a father and a son? But what about the mother then?  If the Father is the mother, does that mean that for God it is not necessary to distinguish between both, father and mother? 

Rather, we must look at things differently, which makes us understand love as the source, as the beginning of all things.

The Father is this source and beginning of all things.

However, so is the Son, although He has been sent by  the Father to be incarnated and become  a man  in order to share our humanity.

The Father is this source, The Son too, and so is the Holy Spirit, although the Holy Spirit comes every time  and everywhere following his divine   power to reach into our human body.

The Holy Spirit is the one who teaches us about our life. He teaches us with his enlightenment. Thus he guides us in our decisions, strengthens us when we are weak, reassures us when we lose hope...

I have much more to tell you...

We cannot understand everything ; during our life, we advance step by step as our conscience constantly develops. We are much more full of life experience.

We can understand much  more about our life.  But we cannot know it all.  It is impossible, even if we try to know with the powers of a  fortune teller.

We cannot  know all about our life because our life is  a mystery immersed into the mystery of God.  If we trust God, we trust him for our future too and we do everything that is in our power to provide  ourselves with the best lives possible..

I have much more to tell you...

Christ, through the Holy Spirit, tells us more every day about God’s love in our own life. Thanks be to God for it. And  let us hope to be able to hear, every  day, much more clearly what the Spirit whispers in our ears as one child telling secrets to another child, or to his mother or father.