2015/03/15 - Wedding homily - Anna and Hervé

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Dear Anna and Hervé,


In a few moments you are going to share the words of your engagement. It will be done through a sacrament, sign of the unity between you both and Christ,  and by Him in the Church as His body.

The reading you have chosen, remind us of how important is this unity in both fields.

As many other couples before you have experienced it, marriage is a school of love.

Today, your wedding day is just a great amazing moment to live with your families and friends. But your ordinary life as a married couple is beginning tomorrow and it will continue without an end during whole your earthly life.

Such school of love is given to you with some laws. Indeed Love has its own law.  Which one? Of course the law given by God in the spiritual and natural  meaning of the things.


In the Bible we find this words as words of God himself:

`It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a suitable partner for him` Gnesisis2.18-24

Even though, He didn`t say precisely I will make one French man and one Chinese woman` named Herve and Anna, and they will be together. But surely you can consider yourselves as included into it. It is the plan of God for you  to be happy together.
The natural meaning of sexual attraction expresses the very deep things  about our human lives. Man as a member of humanity could not live alone. Humanity is doomed to share a partnership. 

Man and woman need each other to become their true selves. At the end they really become one when she gives birth.

Anna and Herve, you are beginning to-day a new life marked by a great new dimension as today your destinies are forever linked together.

You can follow the Law of God, and be loving presence to each other. For that you will have to continue to learn how to get free from selfish behaviors.

Something we all know it in our own lives. But, being so close to each other in your marriage engagement, such a behavior is to be banished every day.

You know the Law of God is good for you. You will truly see it if you can find a place for Him: in your lives, in your minds, in your words, in everything you do.


Living like this, you will be real suitable partners. And your Love constantly will grow up in your hearts, in your bodies and in your souls, will lead a full life together and with your children. 

`That is why the man (and woman too) leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife (to her husband) and the two of them will become one body`.

One body in the natural and spiritual meaning of the word.