2015/04/26 - Homily - 3rd Sunday of Easter

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We are still in the season of Easter. After the rising of Christ a new time is coming for the disciples` life. They must learn again many things. Because, nothing will ever be the same as it was before. Christ remains with them in order to improve their faith and give meaning to everything connected with that.

Today’s gospel, is taken from the tenth chapter of saint John.  It is between the healing of the blind man and the resurrection of Lazar. Why has Church chosen such readings for this third Sunday of Easter?

Of course, it is because of the Sunday of the vocations. But it will be also understood as the fit back

Obviously, it is to keep our mind in touch with Jesus’ teaching he carried out after his resurrection before going to heaven.  We know it was necessary for the disciples at that time, now we must too learn about what happened with Jesus. We must open our mind just as the blind man who was healed and was able to glorify the almighty God.  Open our mind to see the victory of God against death.

Such an idea is always shocking, not only for unbelievers for whom such an idea is simply unreasonable, even stupid. It is pure nonsense to them.

It is also a huge challenge for us too. We don`t only need of Jesus as a good shepperd because we are looking after for our a safety life and for this raison we desire to stand up with him. It is also,  and surely   first,   because he is still alive, alive again. He guides  us  as a winner upon the death.

He rises again and he is guiding us, two things which are so hard to believe. Look at  the man who during the second world war was sent from Europe to the United States to tell what had happened with the Jews. During the meeting with the secretary of state he explained what he knew. But the man hearing him said : Sir, I don`t say you lie, I say I don`t believe you.

For many existing things we have no idea that exist. For some of the, we don`t want to know that exists. It is the same with believing in the resurrection of the Christ and eventually our. It is the same with the genuine guiding of our lives by Christ with who we can remain in touch by prayer and especially in the holy communion. He takes care of us. He makes us able to be the part of his own body because when we receive the body of Christ, we receive by the same way the grace to become his body. We have to receive his guidance in faith and as good news for us and for all humankind, for today and for tomorrow.