2015/06/21 - Homily - 12th ord. Sunday

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What can we say about our attachment to Christ ?  Such a question should be asked  at  any time of year as it is with the 12th Sunday ?  How the attachment to Christ is so important for our Christian life? Indeed, we were named after Him as were the  first disciples, as Christian means coming from Christ. To be attached to him means to be able to listen to his voice and try to understand, what he wants to say to us. Just like last Sunday when Jesus Christ showed by using parables what could be said about the kingdom of God. He didn’t mind to repeat and explain it to his disciples again and again.

Today he says (`passons sur l`autre rive`) go to the opposed side of the lake. He would like to lead us towards another aspect or  side of our life. To show us how he is able to do something great for our life. If we pass to the other side of the sea. Nowadays   with planes flying from one continent to another at any  time it is something  important even for those who travel a lot. As it is important to follow the rules to get a first job or to make essential choices in our life.

I want to tell you a genuine story about what that means, choosing to be attached to Christ.  It is about a group of the youth attending the parish training for the Christian life. They decided to help the children in Nepal.  It was possible through the Maya Nepal organization. They provided many things and goods to send to Nepal and especially books for their library. They went to Nepal on two groups. I was with the second one. I left them two days before the end of their stay in Nepal. It was a Friday. The next day came the earthquake .Fortunately for them and all of us involved in, nobody was injured or worst.  Despite of the wall which fell down near us, from another side, where nobody belonging to our party was.

They were in Nepal because of Christ. Some of them feel a certain attachment to Christ, surely. But if they were there, it was because of the attachment to Christ of the adults who led them there. Because of these terrific events they had to question themselves through their hearts of hearts. Why am I here? Surely for the children’s sake, but now so many of them were dead or orphans.

Going to the other side of the life because of Jesus Christ it is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes, even often, so often it is what happens. We need Jesus Christ to be maintained in peace by the divine supra natural power.  We need to see that an ancient shore is gone and a new one is at hand .Faith and the life in Jesus Christ, which we have continually to discover during our own life, lead us to the new world. The parables about the kingdom of God of the last Sunday make that very clear. The new world is coming, but to be honest, not as quickly as we are expecting it but through our faith we are sure it will. Surely, we are.