2015/07/12 - Homily - 15th ord. Sunday

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Practical training

The disciples were formed a little by Jesus at the school of the Good News. 

They saw their master making miracles, preaching the coming of the kingdom of God.

As we saw last Sunday even for him it wasn`t so easy, especially in his own country when the people around him didn’t believe.

Sometime not to say rather often they had really difficulties to understand what was the purpose of Jesus’ actions? 

He explained to them all the things about God‘s desire to save his own people, and not only them, but also all mankind.

According to him they were able to make it. They were send just with the minimum of what would be needed.  

We are also sent to be missionaries.

Often we think that we don`t have enough knowledge about religion about the Bible etc.

Surely, a basic knowledge is required. But what is indeed necessary?

Surely we must put our faith, our trust in God, and our confidence is deeply rooted in Him. 

There is with what we are sent on mission to preach the Good News.

Anything in the world could be achieved when it is made with a deep conviction that it is true.

Without it, it is impossible to reach a target, at the best we can reach only a part of it.   

And it is just the same in learning at school and university, at sports, in our professional life.

For the most important reason, it is true for the life of those who love each other or as couples try to put into practice their growing mutual trust during their entire life. And this what happens inside our Catholic community when we profess the creed of our faith.

But a deep conviction is not enough.

A missionary, according to the meaning of the word mission, must be commissioned by someone greater than him or her.

The missionary is somebody who has the feeling of being sent by God, even if most of the time they are sent by the Church.

And this is what happened to me: sent from the church of France to the Church of Hong Kong with a special mission:  taking care of the French speaking community.

But we can feel being sent by God having the knowledge that it is what is needed for our children for our husband, wife etc.

Those among you who are so devoted to act for children, as I saw it on last Sunday don’t need any certificate or doctorate in biblical or theological knowledge.

What is only required is an open mind and heart and so be able to gather all that is necessary to show them the way to the Good News, the way to salvation. 

At any time God sends new missionaries to the world.

Perhaps some of you, here, children or young people beginning to think about your future life, or some of you may feel in the near future such an appeal to bring the good news in a way or other.

However, all of us who we have been baptized, we will be called to be missionaries during all our earthly life. 

This is the good news about our life. Thank be God for that.