2015/09/13 - Homily - 24th ord. Sunday

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WHO AM I?? Jesus asked his disciples. Who am I, we can ask ourselves. Listening to today’s Gospel, we are going to meditate a few minutes about it.

To know who we are, we must first know who He is.

The Cross is the way to such knowledge.


The Cross symbolizes a complete life, one lived through true love. 

The Sign of Cross: two lines a horizontal one and a vertical one.

Though both we are sure of the real link between God and us. 

But sometimes, these two lines don`t meet exactly in the same place

As it is for sure, in the case of Christ.

His two lines pass exactly into the middle of his lovely heart.

They are the exact expression of the love of God.

His love is so pure, that he saves us, and by opening his arms on the Cross he opened the gates of the heaven to the eternal life.

Gates which had been looked because of the sin of the disobedience to God’s law?

So, in general, we go through our life with a real desire to live according to Christ‘s love. 

But often we cannot achieve, realize such a desire because of the lack of purity in it.

We are often carried away    by the wind of our own desires blowing in other directions.

But also, we are carried away by our everyday‘s responsibilities which have to be assumed in so many fields: daily life, emotional one, welfare and so on.

Either in the family circle or outside it we think we are doing our very best to love them in the right way.

But unfortunately we are not always in tune with their own feelings and expectations.

We must accept it, accept such unpleasant burdens beard cross of our life.

If we recognize that humbly, we can see that Christ is ready to bear our Cross with his own. Indeed bearing the cross and following Jesus means first to trust him so that he can guide us, and secondly, we will realize that we can follow him into the way of our salvation.

 But Peter was shocked by meaning that the Cross will lead him to death. And what about us? How do we react when the words « carry our cross » are uttered?

Abandoning a part of our life for him is really a lot, but it is indeed nothing regarding the fact that we are then receiving our whole life from him. This is very hard to understand for us and we have to come across many deep human experiences to get into the genuine understanding of it. 

We have to lose something in order to be able to fine all. But generally, we don`t like to lose anything to which we are attached as we think it is the right one for us.

Jesus step by step reveals to us what is good for us.

Thus Christ our Lord helps us to carry our Cross as Jesus was helped by Nicodem to carry his holy one. 

Who is this Christ who is helping us? He is filled with a pure love which is given to nourish us. Friendly with the people around us, having come to attend mass let us just inside our conscience, express our free will and duty to put again our cross into the hands of Christ.

In doing so, we will continue to learn more about Christ, the true way to learn more about us. 

May the Eucharist influence our thoughts and actions.May the Spirit of God guides us and lead us in our way and so following Christ and finding the true life in Him.