2015/11/22 - Homily - Christ King Feast

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Jesus said about himself:  “I came into the world to give the testimony of the truth, whoever belongs to the truth, listens to my voice”.  Jn18,37

We know the question of Pilate in the following sentence: “what is the truth?”   We all have some ideas about what it is. We share it inside the deep human experience looking for love and peace.  The value of life is inside of it. The whole humankind is marked by such feeling of the sense of life. To live in a lovely surrounding provides a real PEACE. But sometimes we think that the truth is just something we believe being true; in this case we are sincere in our beliefs. Very often we want to be in accordance with our own wishes. Are we in total accordance with the truth? We know it is not so easy to live exactly in the TRUTH. Between the truth and a lie a gap exists and very often we have to choose between the two.            

                                                                                                                                                                                     Jesus said : “whoever belongs to the truth listens to my voice “

Listening to Jesus words we can find two steps:

1) The first one is to belong really to the truth

2) The second one is precisely to understand what it means to belong to it and to listen to it

If I try to understand this sentence, I discover that   to belong to the TRUTH is the final target and to LISTEN is both the consequence of that belonging and the manner   to continue to belong. Everybody wants to be into the true life. But, everybody does not live into the religious meaning of the things. So many people find the truth of their life without Christ. And they are surely happy in their own way.

The second thing is the capacity to LISTEN.  Who can do it? Surely the disciple of Christ must be in such a posture.  We have to try to be confident in his truth and to live according to it. Christ is our TRUTH. He is our truth because He has put the light into us to make us remember from which divine love we came and to which eternal life we are called ?to  now  from witch divine Love we come and to witch eternal live  we are called.   We are not entirely in Christ even though his deep desire to be entirely into us. But we decide, freely. To get nearer him as it is possible for us He knows the way we have to go to meet him really and totally. He knows that we have not so much freedom, and often we are not available, neither to LISTEN TO  him    nor to follow him. Listening to him demands to give Him time to make us listen to his voice and to understand it.

The TRUTH is one. It is put by God inside our heart. It is alive and it is possible for us to understand it. But for doing so we must keep our ears open to his voice as well as our spirits and minds. Which means that we have to get free from all that could prevent us to be able to hear Christ’s voice. A really big challenge in our noisy and agitated lives.
Those who killed in Paris last week, despite their declaration of doing it in the name of their God, were nothing but blasphemers regarding their victims and God himself. The TRUTH is so far from them. They are living in a monstrous lie.  They are not free. With such behavior we can see how threatening are the consequences of such a big lie: to deny the access to the true life.
Christ reveals us the true face of that lie: it is the devil whose power is so strong and become stronger and stronger because of the weakness of the human spirit, which influenced and pushed to the suicide behaviors.

The TRUTH is one and it is a common heritage to the whole humanity. Everybody should know the TRUTH. Everybody has the right to live in love and PEACE. We, as disciples of Christ, have surely a duty to live within and listening to him because `He is the Way, truth and life`, and He is the  only one revealing to us the whole TRUTH OF God which is love and PEACE and  who is the  almighty, the one who can fight efficiently  the power  of lies. Amen