2019/12/08 - Homily - Pilgrimage

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The angel had left Mary, but her mind was set on what had happened right before. 

I suggest to you to keep your thoughts on this very special, unique moment. 

Of course, she was completely filled with grace, her own self - body, spirit, mind- was full of grace. 

At the same time, she was filled with the strange emotion given by the sensation that her whole life was marvelously  unified by the grace of God acting according to his promise  to deliver whole humankind from sin and damnation.  

Her body was unified; more, was enriched by the realisation of the divine promesse to be sign of the salvation.  She was totally impregnated of such good news.

Not only did she feel unified but she was realizing, wrapped in grace, that the fruit she was to bear  was the child which started to live within her. 

The future was there as well as the present time. 

Can you imagine the joy of this young woman, a teenager, bearing so great a message. Her body at that very moment was becoming the message of God for the whole creation. 

Message, where God by the Holy Spirit will write  the story of our salvation. Mary is the  incarnation of the divine will, the place where God needs to incarnate his own son into her own body.  

Mary is the second Eve, helping the change in the destiny of humankind marked by the sin provoked by the first parents. Of course they were duped, deceived by the snake which altered their will. 

The will to know the mystery of life and then the mystery of God, though it was forbidden. What was forbidden? To learn how the laws of Nature work? No, nor was the knowledge of how the human body and mind are related. What was and is still forbidden was dealing with God’s mystery: it was a desire to become gods in the place of God himself. 

God created us to be like himself but being leaded by him and not ourselves.The tower of the Babilon is the icone of this human desire to go ahead  by himself. Of course human autonomy is wished by God, but not the separation from him. 

Our freedom is to be understood inside this  meaning of the relationship. Modern sciences bring so many new ways to improve life. But unfortunately the lack of humility, which only could come from the true faith and respect for human life, makes it is very easy to be traped,  japartized by the sciences progress without respecting the final human destiny of every one. 

Mary was so happy and at that time it did not matter very much of the real manner by which it could be realized, nor was it the  time to realise entirely such divine ambitious aim, neither thinking of the suffering needed to purify human life by  God’s` love. 

This Love was flowing into her soul and her body, entirely wrapping her, was the part of the heavenly life she would have to live despite of the many sorrows  and suffering she would have to experience. With such experience and memory of her life, Mary had to live a life of her own. We can follow her looking for Jesus our Savior.

We can see Gabriel  flying above her humble body disappearing from her sight.  But  we can imagine Mary never forgetting the message  of the angel and his fragrance brought from the heaven.   AMEN