2017/03/18 - Log book - India

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15 February 17

After two days in Bilaspur centre I am again on the way, now to Mumbai and tomorrow in the very morning to Yaoundé with connecting flight in Adiss Abeba for 45 minutes between both, but it is the same Ethiopian airlines operating the fly, so I don't worry for that. However  it is  the first time I take an Ethiopian  operating fly, and according to  some bad opinion about these airlines expressed by a friend of mine, I go on my journey with that stupid thought  in mind. 

Nevertheless this morning I had been welcomed by the Indian hosts, then I took a car, whose driver dropped me in front of the provincial house nearby the airport. Enough time to take a little rest and have a lunch by ten o'clock. At this moment I didn't know how much I would need it. Small airport in Raipur but modern and well kept, clean.... while I was waiting for my plane, I glanced to the spa and massage facilities which were attracting mem named Heaven on earth, but the plane had already landed  and the passengers  flowed from it having the plane emptied  for checking and cleaning  before we could board in.

Mumbai would be reached in one hour later than I had scheduled making shortest my waiting for the next flight. But in fact it wasn't. However I came to Mumbai quite stressless  about how to spend the night. In the airport the hotel is provided. I found it quiet easily but there was no room for night- only for four hours -or a suit. I decline the second one and came back by 10 pm in order to spend four hours in the hotel,  but no room, was available then grumbling that it was no fair because I had understood that it would be free, I returned to my waiting place and try to find how to spend the next four hours. In a manner to do it is rightly hoping that meanwhile time would go quicker. After all it is possible to accelerate the flow of time and especially the way to fill it.

But things happened to be different. An airport service man showed  me another lounge where I would spend three hours in the "coffin" such modern place to lay down and be  covered with a kind of roof. I awoke up at 6h 30. So absent against everyone working in the lounge. I missed my flight scheduled at 5 am. Shortly after I awoke up really and realized that it was a nightmare. Quickly I stood up and went on, I had to pay, I had the 1000 rupees in notes but  they are not allowed since President Modi took measures against corruption views months ago. So after my first trip to India last year, I was left with currency, now worth nothing. I had heard about the government measure in Delhi but didn't note that I could have been concerned with it. However I think even during the beginning of my stay in India it would have been too late. I used with my credit cart and paid. 

Then I went to the departure hall. On the screen I saw that the plane was scheduled more than one hour before ticket time. So, I ran and arrived to the checking stand. Many people were waiting in the row. Where is your visa to Cameroun? I will get it at the airport of Yaounde has promised  my host. Without it here, non, you can not go. So I am waiting for my two contacts to whom I've said the sos message  to Mumbai and Bilaspur. Five hours later no sign. It is nine o'clock in the morning, I can wait few hours more but knowing that contact is done seems for sure better.

I decided to enhance my contact and call to the father Dolreich. It is the school number he is in the meeting until tomorrow. I have also the phone number of the coordinator of de FSC in Mumbai. Will see.

And when I was on the verge of the decision to come back immediately as soon as possible to Hong Kong a call from pallotine parish priest had change my last plane. Finally I decided to go their and try to stay a week among my confers and at the FSC. Changing the money to be used to pay a taxi I enquired about my so hugh amount of rupees in the notes of 1000 and 500. I've revived the possibility to exchange onto the new ones, I start also to understand that in India all is possible so wait,  act and see what have you done or not. Now the rest time so appreciated, for the bath when the water could come. For seast, it is right now.

I will spend fife days in the diocesan seminary of Mumbai. 

16 February 2017

The very special day, not anly because my visa problem. When I had the wi fi connection among the imals that I've received one have captured my attention. 15 of February  Jan Kurowski is born. My youngest  nevieu's wife gave a birth of a boy their firt child. I was so happy for them, knowing them so happy and their both families as well. I've married the parents more than two years ago. Jan it was de surname of my grand father. This story is similar with  other one happening by 15 year ago when I was in Lithuania. And I've received a call annnouncing  the  birth of my other grand niece. In the way to France I made the stop in Poland and baptised her.

After the evening mass I met from Goa Manuel Pinto enrtatened me about my wish to go there next week. 


I am still in Mumbai siting now in front of the Christ mercy image meditating about how such mercy is the bridge between us and him witch is at the same time the breach between us and our sin. The paradoxe of the divine love.

In the night after dinner parish priest told me about the Christ of mercy image seemed new. Two years ago he transformed "the fountain of water to the fountain of Mercy" good title I guessed. 

Before diner I've expected that the new Internet connection will be done in order to cheque il a visa could be issued and sand to me. For ticket agency informed me by phone that no place in the plane next night, but I have to go the aeroport trying to obtain one in economic class or upgrade. They've also unsured me  that however I can use of the ticket until December. No all was lossed but further which kindly geven my his connection  couldn't do it because of the all allavance already used. I have to wait midnight and try with his connection or resin and go bed. I've chose the second one. 

18 February 

Picked  up by fr Dolreich I am  welcomed  in the seminary. I've decided to spaind two days as studys' and retraits' time. And perhaps right the annual letter althought the new year even chineese one had already done. Ad first I am reading des missions étrangers bouclet of February 2017 upon India. Safran and charia seem to be the same fight for renewal of the fondamentalist meaning of the power and eventually of the whole  culture of country. Indian catholics wisdom of  God mercy  during the year of mercy: bishop gave a kidney in order to save a  hindou poor women.  I read the prayer of chateau Rinpoche tibetian  bouddhic  monk that the probability to benefice the human live is 1%. I've never realised it, it is so few making up to be more estimated for humain life for my own live. He advices about good life even with the good position when seating. Like Roustang. 

Monday or Tuesday I will perhaps to Goa. 

Non at list I've decided to remain in seminary  transforming my stay on spiritual ritrait extinguished to three days until Tuesday morning. The very hot wether, incertnency about the possibility  to stain at pallotine house in Goa and lack of money are tougeth enough reason to don't go there. 

Meditation upon Quohelet is making sens of my spiritual retrait. Read all book during those day that means enter the mind of that time stringently so close to our modern mind by not believe on the eternal life looking anly for the erthly goods. Quohelet didn't believe on eternal life as it was commun at that time. His non optimistic point of view toward  humain life was commandeered by the lack of the believe of eternity. Thus he consider the words used without the possibility to say something of new and knowledge is the way of the suffering. Dostojevki had already sad something of similar that the original sin is conscience. And the philosophical aprouch of the words in the Midle Ages named  nominalist made the direct relationship between the word and his sense.  But the most important word in the new testament by witch was described Christ, Son of Good is Logos making a new sens as it was with the word excaleo mining ecclesia in grecque, in latine and from that eglesia église= church. The Quohelet author couldn't imagine eternal life and his understanding of human life could be only earthly  life.  So many people want in our days reduce the mining of human life only to the earth life, even the Catholic witch children attain the catechism and Sunday's mass. 

Believers or not we have to recognise that  we had nothing bring coming to this word I shall nothing to bring again when going on from. melodious pleased to hear.

Tuesday mass in maraki linguage of the state of Bombay with th songs tune melodious pleased to hear.