2017/05/11 - Log book - A trip in Europe

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I'm  in the train going from le Mans to Paris,  leaving the Group one day ahead.    
My heart is full of joy when I think about the good relationship which had been ours during the trip. So many things have been shared, exchanged about our own understanding of Suffering and Mercy. Before the trip, without really wondering what could have been the motives of the Chinese people to enroll throughout such a European trip, I was very happy to have been invited by father Ha. I was not deceived. The result is much beyond what I could have dreamed not because of my being there for them but rather from their being there for me. 


The group was composed of believers (amongst them numerous Christians and Catholics) or not. The charisma of the leader, father Ha, and the professional  organization of our group leader Ms Pamela,  both, very well combined,  were two forces fortunately making the trip easy and smooth but it was not only that. I also could admire the sense of obedience of all members as well.  Indeed, were all on time   as regards as the scheduled time (English language, opposite to the French one, permits to put the same world closely two times, but I am not sure is could have been done it three times?! So I give you time to answer me and eventually make me know about some more informations which could be used.) Many of the participants were deeply involved into a desire to know much more about the European history during Christianity and modern times so often marked by suffering...and Mercy.

Two weeks, it's quite a long time but I think it was a necessary laps of time in order to create human ties between me and them. And a very friendly feeling grew up from one day to the other. And the last days were particularly full of such marks of nice sensitivity.  

How to say goodbye? That was the theme of my last French lesson. I've shared just a little bit about my own experience to know how to say goodbye, a thing I had to do when leaving Poland in 1980 for France. Comment dire “au revoir”? Say thank you “Dire merci” and say also “à bientôt”, rather than say “à Dieu”. Nobody seemed able to say “à Dieu”, all would have liked to prolong such a good experience some of them speaking French fluently. Many desiring to learn it. They are all opened toward the non Chinese culture. And me? I am sure the distance between different cultures and other people are the result of which distance we put between them and us. The span is but the result of what we want for them and what we want for us. Children don't make such distance. Adults can make it shorter.