2014/05/07 - Meditation - The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

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d’Alexander McGall Smith,  Abacus, 2012 p. 109/10

“Mma Ramotswe raised the mug to her lips, watching her secretary as she spoke. This was an astute woman, she thought. She understood exactly how the American woman would think, and she appreciated just how difficult it could be to convey these subtle truths to one who conceived of the word as being entirely explicable by science.

The Americans were very clever, they sent rockets into space and invented machines which could think more quickly than any human being alive, but all these cleverness could also  make them blind. They did not understand other people. They thought that everyone looked at things in the same way as Americans did, but they were wrong.

Science was only part of the truth.  They were also many other things  that made the world what it was, and the Americans often failed to notice these things, although they were there  all the time, under their noses.”