2019/11/20 - Meditation - One country, two systems

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The supreme court of HK has invalidated the anti mask law issued by the government in order to curb the protests. Beijing has reacted noting that such decision is not valid because the interpretation of the law is in the hands of the government of China. It's said despite the undergoing rules allowing the high court of Hong Kong to issue the interpretation which is valid. But since now not any more.

Asking my neighbor why something like that is possible, he answered that it is because of one country two systems. When I insisted, focusing on the problem of the  truth, not of the rules,  he seemed not to see clearly the difference. You can change the rules, doesn't matter, but you can not change the truth, the huge problem is about the truth, I insisted.

The western meaning of the truth is unchanged because of adequacy between the word and reality; green is green and you can not arrange the understanding according to the circumstances. You can justify a change in the rules but not in the truth. Here that seems like no understanding.

But the deeper concern is about the global attitude towards the rulers of the Chinese society and in Asian culture. But now in the whole world where the Christian  religion and Greek philosophy are going to vanish, such an understanding of the truth becomes common pattern of the universal behavior.