2012/10/07 - Homélie - 27e dim. ord.

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Today’s Gospel can sound harsh : ‘Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery’. Jesus talks like this, in reply  to the phareeses‘question : ‘Is it permited for a man to  divorce his wife ? 

The pharieses know very well, that this question is a very difficult one and they attempt to trap him.  But Jesus looks into their hearts, and avoids the trap.

He shows them  the path of  revelation. He told them  about what was at the beginning of the world, when God made the earth and created mankind.

Beyond the question of divorce Jesus reminds  us that we were created by God in order to be happy in his presence and to start with in this life. 

But we can not be happy alone. Happiness has  to be shared, as  well as the world, according to Gods’will.

We must be able to share our happiness. Sharing happiness seems to imply that  we must be different. Male and female God made us  very different and we are doomed  by nature to be close to each other.

The state of mariage brings this proximity to happiness. 

But  life is not all the  time like this, you know that very well, if you are married, if you have found a family with  your lovely children...

That is the reason why  Jesus Christ came from God, to help us in our earthly life. The second reading deals with this. 

How can he help us ?  In two ways.

First, by teaching us, that the différence between man and woman  and between each other is necessery to share  life and to share the happiness to which God calls us.  
Jesus knows us better than we do. We can trust him to lead us on the paths  of life.

The second way, is a consequence of the first. This is the way of mercy.
Jesus sharing our human nature is able not only to understand us in all our difficulties, but also to give us his powerful grace to live our life in constant and continuous reliance on Him.    

Communion with God and communion with each other are possible according to ttThe teaching of  Jesus when he tells us how  happines is possible  not only in  a future life but on earth.

For both, thanks be to God !